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Bagshaw's, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Shropshire, 1851 Bagshaw's, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Shropshire, 1851

Ref: IE5030
ISBN: 1-84630-183-1
Number of Pages: 718
File Size: 49 Mb
Availability: Download or CD
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Samuel Bagshaw's 'History, Gazetteer & Directory of Shropshire' was published in Sheffield in 1851 and the beginning of the full title of the work provides a clear indication of the scope of the publication: History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Shropshire; Comprising a General Survey of the County with a Variety of Historical, Statistical, Topographical, Commercial and Agricultural Information, Shewing The Situation, Extent and Population of all The Towns, Parishes, Chapelries, Townships, Villages, Hamlets and Extra-Parochial Liberties; containing more than 700 printed pages and republished here in fully-searchable digital format, Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory of Shropshire is one of the best reference aids for the county from this period.

Indeed, Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory provides much more than the breviate of its title might indicate as was noted by the editor, Samuel Bagshaw in his introductory preface. In this Bagshaw notes that every parish, township, village and hamlet had been visited to ascertain and authenticate previously published material and confirm all the principal seats and farmhouses in each. The work is introduced with a general history of the county and its principal town, Shrewsbury. Drawing from published material for its history, Parliamentary Reports, Census of Population Statistics, published charitable reports, biographies and topographies a history of the counties geology, topography and history is presented from the earliest times to the present.

The bulk of Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory, some 550 pages, is taken-up with an alphabetical topography of the county. Arranged alphabetically by parish and hundred, each town, village and hamlet is represented under its respective parish and the detail provided on each is at least the equivalent of better-known Gazetteers and Directories such as Kelly's. Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory provides the population of each parish, township, chapelry and extra-parochial liberty, together with their 'owners of the soil', Lord of the Manors and nature and value of the church livings, places of worship, their patrons and incumbents. In addition, information is provided on public and other buildings of note, public charities, institutions, trade and commerce, communications, remarkable local occurrences, objects of interest and curiosities. The directory portion for each denomination contains an alphabetical listing of the seats of the gentry and other principal residents as well as a classification of trades and professions. For principal places such as Shrewsbury and Oswestry in addition to the information detailed for other locations, Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory also provides an alphabetical directory of names, trades, professions and residences, which in the instance of the town of Shrewsbury runs to some twenty pages.

Republished here in fully-searchable digital format, Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory of Shropshire has to be one of the best directories for the county from this relatively early period and is a highly recommended purchase for anyone with a historical or genealogical interest in the county.

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The Gentleman's Magazine Library 1731-1868, Shropshire and Somersetshire The Gentleman's Magazine Library 1731-1868, Shropshire and Somersetshire

Ref: 0778

The original Gentleman's Magazine contained articles on a vast array of subjects, including lots of wonderful topographical pieces.

In 1891 George Gomme republished all of these topograhical articles but edited and indexed them into county specific order. Each of Gomme's works contains between two and four separate counties, except for the London volumes.

An absolute goldmine of information about the county, its people and its places.


Price:   €15.65 (€19.25 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

The Complete Parish Officer 1772 The Complete Parish Officer 1772

Ref: 0766sal

This is one of the most important resources that we have seen, and one that should be of great interest to all family historians. Published in 1772 it was the handbook of the duties and responsibilities of the Parish Officer.

It includes the duties of the overseers of the poor, the power in relieving, employing and settling, etc. of poor persons; the laws relating to the poor, and settlements, and the statutes concerning masters and servants. The right of Settlement was something that was of great concern to all of our ancestors. Basically, to be able to have right of settlement in a parish, one had to be born there, married there or serving an apprenticeship there. Proof was all-important, especially if a person became destitute and needed support from the parish. Parish officers would have people literally evicted and transported to another parish under such circumstances. What happened about bastardy? What obligations does an apprentice have to his master and vice-versa? This book describes it all, together with the supporting laws.

Other sections of the book include the authority and duty of constables, tithingmen, etc.; churchwardens, how they should be chosen, their duties, church accounts, repairing of churches, etc. There are some very interesting punishments for not attending church and keeping to the rules! There is a section on surveying the highways, Scavengers, methods of taxation of the highways, and laws. And finally, the duties and powers of Watchmen.


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Memorials of Old Shropshire Memorials of Old Shropshire

Ref: 0396

Published in 1906 this is a wonderful history of the ancient county of Shropshire from Anglo Saxon times.

It contains details of the origin and evolution of the towns, folklore and customs, Shropshire schools, old county families and changes in land ownership, illustrious Salopians and much more. Also included is a map of the county 

Price:   €15.65 (€19.25 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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