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Census - Original Enumerator's Books Census - Original Enumerator's Books

Ref: crut

Scanned images of all of the original census enumerator's books for various counties, reproduced on multiple CD sets for reading using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Compatible with PC and Apple Mac).


Please note: Censuses are organised by Registration Districts, which do not necessarily correspond with county boundaries. A set of census records for a Registration District may omit some places within a county, and/or include places from adjacent counties. The CDs contain the records of Registration Districts.

We are very proud of the superb quality of the scanned images. We have worked from really excellent films copied from the first generation films at the PRO, and have then used the very best possible film scanner currently available to digitise the images at a high resolution. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader you can zoom in and in to read the pages. You really don't have to squint to read the pages. Zoom right in without noticeable loss of detail. That's because of the very high quality of the scanning. Print quality is excellent too! Even on a standard bubblejet printer you can be sure of superb results. You can print first class copies of any page for use in your family history documents.

These are very old original hand written records. The vast majority of pages are readable, but there may be some pages that are illegible due to faded ink and the techniques used to film the records. Our scanning is done from films and we apply enhancement techniques to obtain the best possible results. When you order the census CDs, you accept that some pages may be difficult to read or illegible.

Place Indexes are included in the CD set. Place, Piece number, Folio. That makes it really easy to locate a place in the census enumerator's books so that you can begin your searches. In addition each 10th folio number is book marked in the files on the CDs for fast navigation.

This is real primary data. Note that the CDs contain images of the actual pages of the census enumerators' books. Real original primary research data. (Not transcriptions in text format). What you see is the original hand written documents. That does involve you reading the pages rather than typing in a name and expecting the computer to find it. However, you will very quickly become used to the handwriting styles of the different enumerators, and it is easy to click through the pages at even low magnification to spot the people you are looking for.

Reproduced by permission of the National Archives.

Credit cards are not charged until despatch.

No other discounts apply. (Under the terms of licence from the PRO we cannot give further discounts, e.g. sponsor discounts)


Advance orders are accepted where shown below, but credit cards are not charged until the CDs are completed and ready for despatch. Orders placed in advance will be charged at the stated price or less. When prices reduce, then everyone pays the lower price.


For advance orders, the maximum price if you order now is shown. The more advance orders that we receive, the cheaper the final price will become, and everyone pays the cheaper price. Some of these projects are very large and very expensive to produce. Prices are based on the anticipated number of sales of each set (which varies from county to county). The object of the exercise is to make the censuses available, not to make huge profits. Therefore, the more people who pre-order those marked as such below, then the cheaper the price will become - for everybody!

More details about the census CDs, samples and project schedules

Rutland 1841 Census Rutland 1841 Census

Ref: C1841RUT

HO107/894 to HO107/898

High quality grey scale scanned images of the census for the whole county. Place index included.

Released 27/09/05


Price:   €15.56 (€19.14 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

1861 Supplement 2 - Places in Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Northamptonshire that appear in the Lincolnshire Registration DistrictsC1861NTTs2R

Price:   €12.26 (€15.08 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

On this CD: RG9/2311, 2314, 2407

These pieces do not appear on the Nottinghamshire 1861 CD set (C1861NTT). or Northamptonshire (C1861NTH). All of these pieces do appear on the Lincolnshire 1861 set (C1861LIN).

Whole census peices are included, and therefore the places included are those on both side of the county boundary.


 Places on this CD

Rutland 1871 Census Registration DistrictsC1871RUT


In preparation,

Any advance orders already received have been recorded and will be supplied at the pre-production price of £15.00

No new orders are being taken until the CDs are completed.

This census will also be made available as single CDs each containing a district. 

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