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The Shire of Renfrew The Shire of Renfrew

Ref: 0161
By George Crawfurd 1710 & George Robertson 1818

Two books in one, published in 1818.

A general description of the history, towns and parishes in the county, and a genealogical history of the Royal House of Stewart. With large detailed maps of the whole county in 1654 and 1818.

"A General description of the Shire of Renfrew, including an account of the Noble and Ancient Families, who, from the earliest times, have had property in that County, and the most remarkable facts in the lives of distinguished individuals. To which is added, a genealogical history of the Royal House of Stewart, and the several and illustrious families of that name, from the year 1034, to the year 1710; collected from public records, chartularies of monasteries, and the best historians and private mss. Published in 1710 by George Crawfurd, author of the Peerage of Scotland, &c, &c. and continued to the present period, by George Robertson, author of The Agricultural Survey of Mid Lothian, &c."

This is effectively two books in one. The old one of 1710 by Crawfurd, and additions and updated by Robertson in 1818 - published as one book in 1818. The history chapters include great detail about all parishes, both as they were in 1710 and also in 1818. For the genealogist, this is where much of the "meat" lies. The History of the Stewarts is simply fascinating and in great detail.  

Price:   €15.65 (€19.25 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Kilbarchan - A Parish History Kilbarchan - A Parish History

Ref: 0022

by Rev. Robert D. MacKenzie, B.D. 1902.

The complete history of Kilbarchan, a parish in the county of Renfrewshire, Scotland.

Scanned from the original book of 1902, complete with a comprehensive name and place index, and including many photographs, illustrations and maps, together with the 1695 Poll Tax Roll, extracts from the parish registers, information about schools, the poor.... life throughout the centuries - an immense amount of information in over 350 pages.  

Price:   €12.63 (€15.53 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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