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The Visitation of Oxfordshire 1566, 1574, 1634 The Visitation of Oxfordshire 1566, 1574, 1634

Ref: 0528oxf
Published by the Harleian Society, 1871.

The Heralds' Visitations of Norfolk in 1566 by William Harvey, Clarenceaux; 1574 by Richard Lee, Portcullis, and in 1634, by John Philpott, Somerset and William Ryley, Bluemantle. Contains the pedigrees (family trees) of Oxfordshire families and descriptions of coats of arms, etc.

This books also includes "The Gatherings of Oxfordshire", collected by Richard Lee in 1574. Descriptions of tombs in Oxfordshire churches that include Coats of Arms. 

Price:   €20.49 (€25.20 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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