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Cumberland Parish Registers - Phillimore's Marriages Cumberland Parish Registers - Phillimore's Marriages

Ref: GBI1035


Transcripts from the original marriage registers. In two volumes containing the following parishes;

Volume 1 - Workington 1670-1837 and Moresby 1676-18137.

Volume 2 - Stanwix 1662-1837, Crosby on Eden 1665-1837, Harrington 1652-1837 and Gosforth 1571-1837.

(Phillimore's did not transcribe any other Cumberland parish registers)


Price:   €12.26 (€15.08 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Parish Registers of Bootle - Originals Parish Registers of Bootle - Originals

Ref: 0600


High quality digital scanned images of the Parish Registers of Bootle, Cumberland. In PDF format for viewing and printing using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These registers have never been deposited with the County Record Office and are held at the church. We were very fortunate indeed to have these unique original registers here to scan, and they are now available to researchers for the first time.

This is a three CD set, with all of the surviving registers from the earliest in 1655.

Combined Register of baptisms, marriages & burials 1655-1706; Combined Register 1706-1812; Baptisms & Burials 1767-1812; Baptisms Register 1813-1851; Burials Register 1813-1875; Marriage Registers 1754-1766, Marriages & Banns 1767-1812; Marriage Registers 1813-1837, 1837-1942, and Banns Register 1824-1900.

The early registers are in vellum books, some of which are damaged by water staining. In cases where they were difficult to read (the vellum was a very dark brown colour!) we have made two or even three different scans of the relevant pages with different brightness and contrast settings in order to get the best possible results from each part of the pages.

This is real original primary information for historians and genealogists conducting their own research. There are no "quick fix" shortcuts, and with the very earliest registers the handwriting is hard to read. You do get used to it though! The marriage registers from 1754 onwards contain the original signatures of the couple and the witnesses as written in the book on the day of the wedding.

This is one of those projects where we are sure to make a loss, and which was very expensive to do.. We certainly wouldn't expect to sell many of these CD sets. But it is a job which certainly needed to be done, as the original unique books are vulnerable and irreplaceable, and not stored at the County Record Office.

Illustrated here is the title page from one of the baptism registers, and a page from one of the marriage registers. 

Price:   €27.46 (€33.78 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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