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Western Australia Post Office Directory 1905 Western Australia Post Office Directory 1905

Ref: AU8003

The 1905 edition of Wise's Western Australia Post Office Directory is divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical and Trades and Professions. These three classifications enable the enquirer to see at a glance the Householders or Traders in any one Town; the Business and Address of any resident in the State; and the

Firms throughout Western Australia engaged in any trade or profession.

THE TOWNS SECTION contains the usual separate Streets Directories of Perth and Suburbs, Fremantle and Suburbs, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and Coolgardie, with Alphabetical Directories of every other Town, Township and Postal District in Western Australia.

THE ALPHABETICAL SECTION contains the Names, Occupations and Postal Addresses for the entire State.

THE TRADES SECTION shows the Business Firms of the State, arranged under their trades or professions.

Separate directories are given in the following areas, making the work comprehensive and complete.

Medical, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Educational, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Mining, Pastoral and Agricultural, Local and General Government, Public Companies, Customs, Postal and Telegraphic.

The directory includes many pages of advertisements - all useful information, often including names of people and places.

The whole 1010 page directory, including most text in the ads, is searchable, useful not only for finding names, but also places, occupations and other information for family and local historians.


Price:   €26.20 (€32.23 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Centenary Catalogue of Farms and Stations Centenary Catalogue of Farms and Stations

Ref: AU8002
for Sale in Western Australia.

Consisting of 95 pages plus large foldout map, this publication begins with a list of properties sold by Joseph Charles between January 1921 and April 1929 with locality, acreage, name of the vendor and name of the purchaser - around 120 properties, 90 of which were rural properties ranging in size from under 100 acres up to 280,000 acres.

Then follows details of approx 650 rural properties offered for sale with details of each such as:



area freehold and cleared, etc

description of trees, etc. on the property

water supply - wells, river, soaks, dams

description of paddocks, fencing

description of the house/s on the property

description of sheds and other buildings

description of plant and equipment included

details of any stock included in the sale

asking price and terms offered.

Includes a large railway map of much of Western Australia in 1929. Enlarging this on-screen enables the fine detail to be read much more easily than the original map.


Price:   €13.97 (€17.18 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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