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The Tasmanian Royal Kalendar and Almanack 1849 The Tasmanian Royal Kalendar and Almanack 1849

Ref: AU6001
250 pages jam packed with all kinds of information relating to Tasmania - and also the world - in 1849. The alphabetical table of contents alone covers 9 pages of subjects covered.

To note just a small sampling of these:

- advertisements (27 pages of these), agents, shipping, customs, emigration, agricultural societies, auctioneers, banks, bathing association, British army in South Eastern hemisphere, British colonies, cattle and sheep, chemists and druggists, churches (each denomination), coaches, mail and stage, convicts - department, ships, counties in VDL, courts, register office for births marriages, deaths, dog licences, educational establishments, factories, male & female, families of convicts passage, fleas - remedy for, Fort St George, gaols and officers, government officers, Hobart market, hospitals, justices of the peace, Launceston (various institutions), mail coaches - and contractors, newspapers - list of, notaries public, police department (notes on district offices), Port Arthur, schools, shipping - agents arrivals & departures, cnvicts - societies (various), statistics - many pages so these, townships in VDL, wages - average rates of, wheat... plus 800 other subject heads. 

Price:   €15.62 (€19.21 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

MacPhail's Directory of Tasmania 1867 MacPhail's Directory of Tasmania 1867

Ref: AU6002
This important early directory of Tasmania features:

- 160 pages of directory listings

- 40 pages of general information, including many other professional listings and other useful information on the colony

- many more preliminary pages with over 100 ads

- advertising broadsheet "The Tasmanian Yearly Advertiser 1867-68"

The directory is arranged with separate listings of residents for Hobart Town, Kingsborough, Launceston, Selby and each of 23 districts throughout Tasmania. The street address is given in larger towns, and occupation in many instances. Around 18,000 names are listed in the main directory and many more in the general information section

This does not include the leaf with the folding map of Tasmania as in the original. 

Price:   €15.62 (€19.21 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Tasmania Post Office Directory 1903 Tasmania Post Office Directory 1903

Ref: AU6008

The 1903 edition of Wise's Tasmania Post Office Directory is divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical and Trades and Professions. These three classifications enable the enquirer to see at a glance, first, the names of Householders or Traders in any one Town; secondly, the address and occupation of any resident in the State; and, thirdly, the number of persons throughout Tasmania, engaged in any one trade or calling.

THE TOWNS SECTION contains separate Street Directories of Hobart and Launceston and Alphabetical Directories for every other Town, Township and Postal District in


THE ALPHABETICAL SECTION contains the names for the entire State, arranged under ONE Alphabet.

THE TRADES SECTION shows the Business Firms of the State, arranged under their individual trade or profession.

Separate directories are given in the following areas, making the work comprehensive and complete.

Medical, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Educational, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Mining, Pastoral and Agricultural, Local and General Government, Public Companies, Customs, Postal and Telegraphic.

The directory includes many pages of advertisements - all useful information, often including names of people and places.

The whole 680 page directory, including most text in the ads, is searchable, useful not only for finding names, but also places occupations, and other information for family and local historians.


Price:   €20.91 (€25.72 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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