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Eneclann CD-ROMs Eneclann CD-ROMs

Ref: enec0000

Below you will find relevant Eneclann CD-ROMs, which we also supply. Eneclann is a partner in the Archive CD Books Ireland Project, and their CDs are essential resources for genealogists and historians alike. 

Brian J. Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead: The Collected Works  Brian J. Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead: The Collected Works

Ref: ENEC014
ISBN: 1 905118 02 3

For the first time, the works of one of Ireland’s most eminent researchers of gravestone inscriptions have been collected into one publication. Over a twenty-five year period, 1966-1990, Brian J. Cantwell visited over 500 sites and recorded many thousands of memorials (with dates up to 1900). His work includes all of Wexford and Wicklow, large parts of South County Dublin, much of West Clare, as well as parts of Cork, Kildare, Galway and Sligo. This work has now been compiled and edited by his son, Ian Cantwell. This CD-ROM includes:

· Memorials from 546 sites

· Over 4,000 pages of transcripts

· 24,392 memorials

· The names of 67,297 people

· Extensive original indexes

· Introductory Biography, indexes and statistical analysis by Ian Cantwell

This CD-ROM features copies of the original typescript pages of Brian’s work as well as some of his other published works in an easily searchable format. Also included are original photographs taken by Brian, as well as some of his private correspondences and an excellent guide he wrote for the R.S.A.I. on transcribing gravestone inscriptions.  System requirements
Click here for a list of graveyards a churches covered by this publication

Price:   €57.77 (€71.06 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Memorials of the Dead: Galway & Mayo Memorials of the Dead: Galway & Mayo

Ref: ENEC004
ISBN: 0-9537557-4-6

Gravestone inscriptions and church memorials are an important source for genealogical research and local studies. This is especially the case when paper records have not survived the ravages of time, as is the case for many parish registers from the west of Ireland.

On this CD-ROM, Ian Cantwell provides comprehensive coverage for the western half of counties Galway and Mayo. This includes full transcripts of the surviving memorials found in the 128 graveyards in that part of Ireland.

This CD-ROM also contains detailed maps of the area covered. The CD also includes:

over 3,000 memorials up to 1901

over 8,000 names

detailed maps

indexes of names, addresses & occupations

Memorials were often erected by American relatives, and their details are included. The author presents a statistical analysis of rates and dates of death including the Famine period (1845-48). He also provides an entertaining commentary, a guide for further research, detailed maps, and introductory descriptions of each graveyard or church in the collection.

This CD-ROM is a must for all those studying the history and genealogy of the west coast of Connaught. 

Price:   €20.62 (€25.36 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

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