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Reports from Comissioners, Irish Education Inquiry, Second Report, Schools of all Denominations, 1826 Reports from Comissioners, Irish Education Inquiry, Second Report, Schools of all Denominations, 1826

Ref: IE0347
ISBN: 1-84630-558-6

The Second Report of the Commissioners of Irish Educations Inquiry is a fascinating insight in to the state of education in pre-famine Ireland as well as being a wonderful genealogical source, listing some 12,530 Masters and Mistresses of schools.

The report was published in 1826, from an abstract of returns by both Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy for the year 1824. The Report is divided in to two parts, the actual report and the appendices. The report part is quite short, a little over twenty pages, and it lays out the distribution of schools by province, religion, male to female ratio, as well as an societies they schools were associated, such as the Association for Discountenancing Vice or the Board of Erasmus Smith's Trustees.

It is the twenty two appendices of this report stretched, over 1,200 pages, which provide the most useful information. Here the information is broken down to County level and individual school level. Of the appendices it is Appendix 22 which is the longest and most fulsome. It lists 11,823 individual schools, the Barony and Parish, townland, who the Master or Mistress is, as well as their religion. It also lists if the school is free or fee paying, the total income of the Master or Mistress, a description of the school house and its probable cost. Finally the report includes the break down of children attending by religion, as well as any societies the schools is associated with, if local patronage is provided, and if scriptures are read at the school.

The information provided by this report gives a description of what it was like to attend school in Ireland in 1824. For example the school in Castletown, Island Magee, in Antrim was listed as a fee paying school. It had 23 Protestant children attending, and the school house was described as "a barn; in a wretched condition".

This is a must have source for anyone with an interest in Irish education and for anyone trying to trace family involved in education in pre-famine Ireland. 

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Alumni Dublinenses - 1924 edition Alumni Dublinenses - 1924 edition

Ref: IE0004
ISBN: 1-84630-012-6

A register of the students, graduates, professors and provosts of Trinity College, in the University of Dublin from 1637 to 1846. With over 300 names from 1593-1637 when there are no surviving registers.

Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland, and this register includes the full name, the date they entered the college, their age at entry, their father's name and address, the degree they received and the date they graduated. Other information about their lives is often included. Students at Trinity College came from all over Ireland, Britain, and the British Empire.

This is the first edition of this title, published in 1924 

Price:   €20.49 (€25.20 Including VAT at 23%) VAT is only charged on customers in the European Union

Queen's Colleges (Ireland). DOWNLOAD Queen's Colleges (Ireland). DOWNLOAD

Ref: IE0028
ISBN: 1-84630-111-4
Number of Pages: 34
File Size: 2 Mb
Availability: Download only
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The Queen's Colleges of Ireland were established by the Queen's Colleges (Ireland) Act 1845, which allowed for the creation of universities to cater for all religious denominations. Under this act the Queen's Colleges of Belfast, Cork and Galway were formally incorporated in 1845 and opened their doors to students in October 1849.

This publication, of the official returns to the House of Commons, lists the names, religion and department of students who entered the colleges either through the matriculation exam or by other means, over the first ten years of the colleges. The approximate breakdown of figures for each university is as follows: Belfast 930, Cork 680, and Galway 245.

The final part of the publication covers the numbers of students who took their first degrees between the 31st March 1858 and the 31st March 1859. Also covered is the amount "paid out of the Consolidated Fund, or by Annual Votes of Parliament" for the maintenance and running of the Queen's University and the Queen's Colleges.

This title is a DOWNLOAD title only. Conseqeuntly there is no postage charge. Just follow the link on the receipt after you have completed payment to get the file. You will have 24 hours to download this item. 

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